Special Products

Direct Acting designed specially for the use with LPG/application available in 1/2" BSP (F) inline construction & in Brass / Aluminium MOC can work up to 0.2 bar Gas pressure.Available in any std. A/C, D/C voltage.


2 Way Direct Acting High pressure Valve for Pneumatic Application specially developed for fire fighting application suitable for pressure as high as 200 Bar. M.O.C.-Brass, Available Connection 1/8" & 1/4" BSP Only.

Specially developed for the bottle filling application where the pressure is low (generally gravity heads) available in S.S. The construction of Valve in such that the inlet is horizontal & the Outlet is Vertical. This reduces the pressure drop inside the Valve & offers the advantage of mounting the valve exactly on the bottle. Flow capacity up to 50ML/ Second available in 1/2" BSP(F)-SS, available in any std. A/C, D/C voltage.

Special valve developed for Vaccum Application where flow rates are moderate. The Valve has the capacity of 8.00mm bore full port & comes in Brass MOC with right angle construction. The special floating seat design makes it leak proof & the compact construction makes it economical & commercially viable. Available in any std A/C voltage.

Combination of low pressure and high pressure Valve has two inlets, One for low pressure (@7Bar) & one for high pressure (@30 to 40 Bar). Valve allows the low pressure first from outlet & then high pressure. Used for pet bottle blow moulding machines. The design of valve does not demand a high voltage solenoid. Available in any std. A/C, D/C voltage.

Only of its kind in the low flow region 4/2 way Poppet design available in 1/8" BSP & 1/4" BSP Only & is ideal for small miniature double acting pneumatic cylinders.
Proportional Solonoid Valve

The flow of valve can be proportionally increased with respect to input voltage. Availbale in D/C voltage.