Consultancy in Pneumatics

With the vast experience in the field of Pneumatics, We offer the following,

  • Complete consultancy for automation as per requirement.
  • Logic Pneumatic circuit
  • List of components for the same
  • Guidance in installation of the system.
  • On site assistance if reqd.

We also undertake the following,

  • Basic awareness program in pneumatics for the work men.
  • Introduction & application of basic pneumatic components such as,
    Needle valve, Ball valve, Non return valve, Quick exhaust valve, 2 Way, 3Way, 4Way Mechanical & Solenoid valves, Pneumatic cylinders, Single & double acting, Compressor etc.
  • Application and maintenance of the above components.
  • Introduction to the symbols of above basic pneumatic components
  • Basic Pneumatic circuits.
  • Advance Pneumatic logic circuits.
  • Consultancy in selecting the components for replacement in the existing system / machine.